Dining & Drinks

  • Libertine

    This space is what we feel how a perfect hotel bar-restaurant should be.
    It’s a cocktail bar, it’s a high quality tea corner and also an excellent 12 to 12 restaurant. That we devoted to our own versions of world’s soul food dishes. As a part of a great hotel, we feel that we must make people feel at home, so we give comfort with food.

    At Libertine, Marcos from Satan’s Coffee Corner serves breakfast everyday. The perfect place for meetings or just spend the morning.

    Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday: 7AM to 2AM

    Thursday-Friday-Saturday: 7AM-3AM
    T 93 545 80 76


  • Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey

    Our Chef – Estanislao Carenzo

    Studied Biology in Buenos Aires before learning the Art of cooking in New York, Brazil, France, Spain, Korea, and Japan. His approach to food is almost as special as he is. Already owning three restaurants in Madrid: Sudestada, Chifa, Picsa and Perro Bar. In Casa Bonay he has developed our South East Asian Restaurant Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey as well as our Libertine Tapas Bar and our roof top Chiringuito.


    Elephant, Crocodile, Monkey

    Casa Bonay’s Southeast Asian Restaurant by Chef Estanislao Carenzo.

    Barcelona’s first restaurant offering traditional Southeast Asian cuisine from dumplings to curry prepared with the finest Mediterranean product bought fresh every day from our local market.


    Bet you have never tried a Thai Tom Yum soup with ‘gambas from Palamós’  :)


    Opening Hours

    Tuesday to Saturday


    Lunch: 1PM – 3:30PM

    Dinner: 8:30PM – 11:30PM


    T 93 545 80 77



  • Satan’s Coffee Corner

    Marcos is a meticulous type, and this is apparent in how he makes his coffee. The local in the Gothic Quarter, which opened in June 2014, is already a cult-classic for good coffee fanatics, and Marcos has been exalted as one of the most renowned baristas in town. As well as his coffee, Marcos also serves his particular take on breakfast at Libertine.






    Monday – Sunday: 8AM – 7PM


    Breakfast’s at Libertine

    Monday – Sunday: 7AM – 12:10PM