Just because you can’t see them in the building doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Gardener, furniture maker, lighting editor, soap maker and designers among others. Meet all the talented people from Barcelona that we have collaborated and continue to work with. They have helped us to design our furniture and our spaces, they created our fabrics, they illuminated our rooms and, from the mix of everything, something unique emerged. They helped us to make Casa Bonay what it is.

  • Nina de Santa&Cole

    We needed someone to help us present our space in the best possible way, and Nina lit the way from the start of the project. She is the Indoor Editor of Santa&Cole, an industrial design products editor, focusing on lighting in particular.

  • Marc Morro

    Marc is one of the founders of AOO, one of our favourite shops in Barcelona. As well as the wooden furniture you will find in your room, he designed one of the most important elements of the hotel: our reception area.

  • Alejandra “Asilvestrada”

    Alejandra is our favourite gardener. She has given life to our halls, balconies and corridors, and she has also created a fragrant garden on the rooftop for the people at Mother to always have good raw materials at hand.

  • Max Rippon and Ausias Perez

    We like all that is handmade with love and time. So we commissioned Max Rippon and Ausias Perez to paint the room door numbers one by one, as well as other elements to maintain the original spirit of the house where everything was hand-painted.

  • Teixidors

    More than a fabric and bedding company, this is a social project. We created an exclusive collection of blankets  with them for Casa Bonay, with natural, handcrafted products of the highest quality.



  • Studio Tack

    From time to time, things are better appreciated from afar than up close. For this reason we went to New York to work on the interior design of Casa Bonay with our friends at Studio Tack. Their quality and eclectic vision of the spaces fitted with the house as well as we hoped.

  • Ana “Las Lilas”

    The more natural something is, the more we like it. Ana makes her products from the herbs and plants she cultivates in Alt Empordà, following a strict biodynamic process. The rosemary and olive oil soap and the oat and bergamot shampoo, which you will find in your bathroom, are specialities of hers.

  • Mucho

    Design studio Mucho created the identity for Casa Bonay, using the collaborative essence of the hotel to develop the brand and establish its own visual code. Collages symbolize the broad range of characters and personalities that come together at the hotel to create a new image. Mucho sifted through material for weeks at the Mercat de Sant Antoni to find the items used to create these collages.