Let’s have some fun.


There are lots of ways to have a good time.

Spending time with friends, reading a little, travelling, making love, doing yoga or doing nothing at all, for example.

No one way is better than another. Everyone has their own.

And in our house, we want you to always find the best way to be comfortable.


In constructing the space, we used a very valuable and often underestimated material: intuition. Using intuition, a little bit in the style of a collage, we rounded up a team of collaborators who are totally distinct from each other. However they all have one important thing in common: we like them.


They are unique and authentic people, whom we admire for having channelled their passion into their work, and who contributed to giving the house a genuine feel.


We are from Barcelona and we are irrevocably Mediterranean. We believe that time can be measured differently and we like to share this with others.


We can share this with you whenever you like. We would love to show you our point of view towards life and the ways we have of enjoying it.