• Blackie Books

    Who better than an independent publisher of fiction, illustration and poetry to run our library? The Blackie Books friends will be in charge of it, you will be able to buy a book or magazine from their selection in the shop at the entrance.

    Opening in March 2016



  • baTabasTa

    Made in Spain, batabasta is a brand founded in Shanghai by Clara and Leti.

    They make shirts for women and man, but from time to time they design fabrics for interiors.

    At Casa Bonay they have created the uniforms for the staff, patterns for the coixins and wallpapers for the bathrooms of Libertine. Also here, they have opened their first store in exclusive for Casa Bonay, you could find their shirts and other stuff 24/7 in front of the front desk.


    Open 24/7 at our Front Desk