Hotel / Creators

Nina Masó

Nina is the indoor lighting editor at Santa & Cole, an industrial design and product editing company based in Barcelona focusing particularly on lighting design.

We met Nina in an astrology class and shared our project with her before it even existed. Lighting was crucial for us. Everything depends on light: It’s what shapes the way we perceive the world, and we wanted to give the most beautiful perspective possible.
Look around you at Casa Bonay. These lamps have been inspired by glowing cigarettes and candlelight. How do they inspire you?

Marc Morro

AOO was one of our favorite shops in Barcelona. At first it was only a dream for us to imagine that they could design our furniture. Marc designed the wooden pieces you will find in your rooms, our rooftop terrace tables, the recreated chairs by Miguel Milá in our Libertine lounge, and our entire reception desk and shop, among other things.


Alejandra is our treasured garden designer who gives life to our terraces. She designed the fragrant garden on our private client rooftop and created the jungle of our rooftop Chiringuito restaurant and common areas.

Estudio Sauvage

Chabeli decorates our lounge and restaurants with seasonal plants every Thursday.

Max and Ausias

Wir haben die Künstler Max Rippon und Ausias Pérez mit dem Design und der Beschriftung aller Schilder und Zimmernummern des Hotels beauftragt. Auf der Grundlage der Originalbuchstaben, die sie im Haus vorfanden, interpretierten und entwarfen Max und Ausias jedes Stück neu und bemalten es einzeln per Hand. 



We created an exclusive collection of handcrafted blankets and bedding with this inspiring, high-quality social project company.

Studio Tack

We admired Studio Tack‘s vision of space and invited them over to see our house in ruins. It was love at first sight. They stood in awe on our antique staircase, admired our original floor tiling, and gaped at the natural light. Someone who appreciates those little things was only going to love and care for the house just as much as we did. The job was theirs, and what a job they did.



Mucho; the design studio that devoloped the brand identity for Casa Bonay.